13:15 | 2 - 23 Aug, Viva Mexico


What Has The News Ever Done For Me?

Everyday comedians compete to persuade us why the news story that has most impacted them personally that week is the one we too should care about. Finally a panel show for people who mean to read the papers.
14:30 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Pleasance Cabaret Bar


24 Hour Political Party People

Following a sell-out run in London, Matt comes back to celebrate the great and the good (and Ed Miliband). See his brand new show as the countdown to Election 2015 starts here.
15:00 | 6, 12, 19 Aug, Assembly Checkpoint


The Kaneing Podcast

Russell Kane hosts The Kaneing, a topical comedy podcast where a panel of guest comedians pitch the stories of the week for a fictional magazine, recorded in front of a live audience.
15:00 | 12 & 19 Aug, Gilded Balloon Nightclub


The Percentage Game

Alex needs exactly 100 people to play with him. There are only two performances of this, possibly the only genuine statistics-based social experiment show on the fringe this year, so book now. Or soon.
15:00 | 2 - 24 Aug (exc. 11 & 18), Globe Bar Niddry Street (Globe 2)


Geography Teacher

Mark loves Geography and used to teach it. A funny show about that.  As featured on 'Russell Howard's Good News' and with WitTank on 'Live at the Electric'.  "A terrific show from an accomplished performer" Scotsman 
15:35 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Assembly George Sq Theatre


I Killed Rasputin

I Killed Rasputin - a new play by Richard Herring. 1967 - Journalist visits former Russian Prince Felix Yusupov to find out truth about the patently improbable story of the murder of the Mad Monk, who even now refuses to die.
16:00 | 31 Jul - 24 Aug (exc. 18), The Blind Poet



Jack Barry and Annie McGrath are identical twins. Come and see them labour through their debut hour, and attempted sketch show. They're really excited about it. "Barry and McGrath have undeniable comic chemistry, bouncing off each other with an ease and charm that most double acts struggle to muster." - Fest.
16:00 | 31 Jul - 25 Aug, Assembly Hall Baillee Room


Goose (An Odd New One-Man Comedy Whodunit)

One man. New comedy. Whodunit (give or take). Live music score. An alphabet of characters. Whopping reveal. All a bit sideways. "Maverick comic theatre" ***** - ThreeWeeks. "Genius" ***** - WhatsOnStage. "Inspired" **** - List.
16:10 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Underbelly Wee Coo


We Need To Talk About Kevin

Loser at life and winner of losing Hayley Ellis presents her debut hour of stand up about love, loss and a little Lhasa Apso dog called Kevin.  
16:25 | 13 - 24 Aug, The Stand Three


Satirist For Hire

Are you exasperated by economics, piqued by politics, or wound up about the world? Email satirisethis@satiristforhire.com to have issues you care about satirised to order by Zaltzman, one of Britain's leading political comedians and half of the smash hit podcast, The Bugle. "Political comedy at its best" - Sunday Times.
17:00 | 1 - 24 Aug, Counting House Lounge



Featuring lyrical language, emotional frankness and funny jokes, TEXTURE is a stand-up show about moving house, romance, drinking, perception, deer, etc. Winner: Best Show, Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival 2014. "Charismatic and of rewardingly cerebral approach" - Guardian
17:00 | 31 Jul - 24 Aug, The Hive (in The Bunka Room)



One of the country's most exciting new comedians does 40 minutes of stand-up that he really hopes you come to and have the best day of your life. "Virtually batters the audience into laughter" - Chortle. Winner of Chortle Student Comedian Award 2011. Winner of The Telegraph's Best Tweet of 2013.
17:45 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug (exc. 12), Pleasance That


We Can Twerk It Out

The BBC New Comedy Winner and Chortle Best Newcomer, Lucy Beaumont, presents her hugely anticipated debut show. "She's got the timing of Les Dawson... an absolute natural" - Johnny Vegas.
17:50 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Pleasance Bunker


Mellow Yellow

Following his "astonishingly assured debut" (**** - The Sunday Times), confident nerd Phil Wang returns with his wry outlook and laid-back style to talk about love, race, and yum-yums at one point.
18:45 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug (exc. 12), Underbelly Clover


Down and Out in Powys and London

So You Think You're Funny Winner, BBC New Comedy Award Finalist tells tales of bordello belles, vagabonds, vagrants, drunks, drug dealers and Jesus. Warning: Contains poetry. "A distinctive voice" Chortle
19:05 | 30 Jul- 25 Aug (exc. 12), Pleasance Bunker One


Thoughts on Love (By a Man With None of the Answers)

We're all idiots searching for someone who'll fail to notice. As seen: Russell Howard's Good News (BBC Three). As heard: Jigsaw (BBC Radio 4). Cosmopolitan's Sex and the Single Guy columnist. "A rising stand-up star" - Independent
19:15 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Pleasance Upstairs



Edinburgh's very own BAFTA nominated Iain Stirling is back with his 3rd show following two successive sell out runs. A show about heart break, immigration and meeting Jedward from one of Scotland's "Hottest newcomers" - The Scotsman.
19:20 | 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23 Aug, Assembly Palazzo


The Pub Landlord's Summer Saloon

The Nation's favourite pub philosopher turns pop-up publican and invites you to his jumped-up saloon. Serving up a host of special guests - comedy, variety and music are all on tap.
19:20 | 10 - 14, 17 - 21, 24 Aug, Assembly Palazzo


One Man; One Guvnor - WIP

The nation's favourite publican celebrates 20 years at the lager top with a glimpse of his brand new 2014 stand-up tour.
19:40 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Pleasance Above


Old School Secrets

Sketch maestros WitTank present the splendidly twisted world of The School; where maniacal masters rub tweedy shoulders with sharp-tongued scoundrels, and mystery and misrule abound. "Beautiful narrative sketch comedy... Masterful." - The Sunday Times
19:40 | 1 - 25 Aug (exc. 11), Just the Tonic The Mash House



The Bearpit Podcast Podcast is recorded live at the Fringe on Ipswich FM. Hosted by Euan Raffles, there's a different theme every day of the week. The topics this year include Comedy, Film, This Is Your Life, Crime, Politics, Sci-Fi, and Sports.
20:00 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug (exc. 12), Gilded Balloon Turret


Happily Ever After

Katie Mulgrew kinda thinks she's a Disney princess. She even married her Prince Charming in a massive frock. According to Disney philosophy, she's found happily ever after. Brilliant! NOW BLOODY WHAT?
20:10 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Pleasance Two


Monsieur Butterfly

Stupidly ambitious, logistically problematic, potentially disastrous, this is what Alex has wanted to make for a decade. Finally, he will be Monsieur Butterfly. One flap of his wings and mayhem may prevail. "One of the most inventive comics on the fringe" - Observer
20:20 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Pleasance Bunker


Here's Me Show

Uniquely stubborn, outright impractical and undeniably hilarious. Geordie comic Carl Hutchinson returns to the fringe fresh from touring the country supporting Chris Ramsey "The north-east's answer to Larry David" - London is Funny
20:30 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug (exc. 13), Pleasance Upstairs


Now That's What I Carl Donnelly Vol. 6

Join 2013 Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Carl Donnelly for another "ludicrously funny hour" (The Skinny) of stories from his life. Sit back and enjoy the company of an "observational genius" (The Guardian)
20:40 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Assembly The Box


Paul or Nothing

Star of BBC Three's Impractical Jokers returns with a new hour of top quality anecdotal stand-up. A regular headline act at all of the major UK comedy clubs, McCaffrey is a guaranteed good time.
20:45 | 1 - 24 Aug, Assembly George Sq Theatre


Man in a Suit

Frank returns to Edinburgh as part of his brand new stand-up tour, "Exquisite and surprising... highly accomplished and very funny" - The Independent, "[A] Beautifully crafted return to stand-up" - The Evening Standard
20:45 | 2 - 23 Aug, Beat (venue 56)


Comedy In The Key Of Gareth

Join Gareth Richards, Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee 2010, for his fifth solo show of hilarious stand-up, silly jokes and gorgeously low-key comedy songs. "His material has a delicious otherworldly quality" **** - Chortle.
21:00 | 1 - 24 Aug (exc. 11), Assembly Rooms Studio 2



One of the best comedy storytellers in The U.S., Tom has been called "One of NYC's Comedy Linchpins." Surprised that Tom had never played the U.K., Daniel Kitson recommended him, and here we are.
21:00 | 20, 21, 22 Aug, Underbelly McEwan Hall



What is it with us and smallness? Award winning Russell Kane returns with his sell out big - small show that will have you popping with laughter. "A seriously good comedian" - The Times
21:15 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Gilded Balloon Turret



On cloud 9 one moment then battling your inner critic the next? Tiff Stevenson (Buzzcocks, Next Week's News) explores the possibility of optimism in a world where the Kardashians exist and worldwide gun control doesn't.
21:25 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Underbelly Clover


Here Comes Trouble

Ray Peacock has been a very naughty boy recently and it's time to find out why. Join the quadruple Chortle Award nominated comedian as he takes you through a myriad of mischief and misdemeanours. "Unrestrained silliness, uninhibited childishness" - Independent
21:45 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Pleasance This


Gambletron 5000

Gamble wops out his debut solo effort. Essentially a great guy (Ed), delivering humour through your classic microphone/speaker combo. From Peacock & Gamble, Sweat The Small Stuff (BBC Three) and Almost Royal (BBC America). Chortle Award winner 2014. "Incessantly hilarious" The Guardian
22:10 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, The Stand 1


(Me Neither)

The ray of sunshine himself performs cheerfully miserable stand-up. His dulcet tones are heard frequently on radio (Just A Minute, Alun Cochrane's Fun House, Frank Skinner's Absolute show) and his dour face sometimes appears on TV. "The best, as well as the most natural stand-up I've seen at the Fringe this year..." - Nicholas Barber, Independent.
22:10 & 21:05 | 11 & 12 Aug, The Stand One/Three


The Gingerbeard Man

You'll laugh, he'll cry. Mike's backstory of living in a trailer park and working at McDonalds for seven years is sad, funny and poignant. "The real deal" - Marc Maron. "A great, hilarious surprise" - John Oliver.
22:30 | 17 - 21 Aug, The Stand Three


Political Animal Scottishreferendogeddon

Zaltzman and a host of comedy companions return to The Stand with five specials of this long-running show, devoted to the impending Scottish independence referendum, and the thorny issue of whether Scotland should blast off from the rest of Britain. "A show buzzing with ideas" - Evening Standard.
22:30 | 16 - 24 Aug, Pleasance One


The Most Dangerous Man on Saturday Morning Television

Following a sell-out tour, Celebrity Juice regular and star of BBC Two's Hebburn comes to Edinburgh for 9 nights only! "A mainstream hit, a cult favourite or almost anything in between" - The Sunday Times
22:30 & 19:40 | 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 Aug, The Stand Three & Four


Thrilling Mic Hunt!

Hoping to giggle and grind along on a slippery chair with Channel 4's latest heartthrob? Then run for your lives teenies because Craig Campbell the fabulously furry, adequately funny Mic Hunt maestro is back and his Thrilling tour continues!
22:45 | 31 Jul - 24 Aug, Assembly George Sq Theatre


Lord Of The Dance Settee

After covering weighty issues like death, love, religion and spam javelins, "The King of Edinburgh" (List) returns with a show about daftness, being uncool and bouncing joyously on the sofa. "Dependably funny" - Chortle
22:45 | 7 - 24 Aug, Underbelly Udderbelly


Milk The Tenderness

Alex Horne and his marvellous musicians bring a brand new show back to the mother-cow, this year featuring songs, jokes, guests, tenderness and milk. "A riotous splicing of live music and comedy" - Observer
22:45 | 30 Jul - 24 Aug, Pleasance Cabaret Bar


Alex Smith, Adam Hess, Jack Barry, Steve Bugeja

The showcase that brought you the likes of Dave Gorman, Russell Howard, Al Murray and many more returns with another top line-up starring; Steve Bugeja, Jack Barry, Alex Smith and Adam Hess.
00:00 | 1 - 23 Aug (Tue-Sat), Gilded Ballon Dining Room


With Dan Atkinson

For the eighth year running Dan Atkinson returns to perform at the Fringe as the host of Comedy Countdown, the late-night anarchic reworking of the teatime television institution. Expect anagrams, tantrums and arguments about grammar.